Someone please hold me… I just received my package from ReplayReplay and wow I am stoked :D

I ordered a white EXO Gayo Daejun sweater (Kris version), a BTS shirt, and two decals for my laptop (EXO & BTS).

It was all packaged neatly and the quality is really nice!  Corey (ReplayReplay’s sole operator, you go girl) pressed the vinyl design on the shirts herself so I must commend her highly for her hard work which is evident in the apparel.

Her shop is on hiatus right now since she’s catching up on a loooot of orders (the demand is high for our Corey unnie) but you can check her out in the links listed below. Stay tuned for her store’s re-opening cause’ word on the street is she has some new designs for your favorite kpop groups up her sleeve ;D

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